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Welcome to, a website that is dedicated to career insights from Ashish Bhandari – former Dubai-based banker. Over the course of his career, Ashish Bhandari has accumulated a wide knowledge pool regarding economic principles and financial advice. He realizes that managing personal finances can be daunting, especially for individuals that do not have a background in the financial sector or the time to peruse available resources for more information. Ashish upholds that financial experts have a responsibility to help those that may not have a clear picture of how to successfully keep financial principles in mind as they build their net worth. Through his posts on this site, Ashish hopes to act as a resource for individuals that wish to learn more about the financial sector and how they can maximize their financial situation for their benefit.


Ashish Bhandari has spent over 20 years in the financial sector and, as a result, has held several different careers within the field. He is an ex-Swiss banker that was involved in wealth and portfolio management for ultra-high-net worth clients. Currently, Ashish Bhandari owns three finance companies in India that he uses to provide loans to both individuals and corporations. These non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) include PHF Leasing, EZ Capital, and Agile Financial Services. Ashish, along with his family, are also investment advisors for Aviator Emerging Market Fund, which predominantly makes investments in companies that support disenfranchised sections of society- primarily lending to companies that work in on the upliftment of India’s rural sector. Ashish believes that the varied responsibilities that he has held in the financial sector have given him crucial insights on what is important within the field, and he is dedicated to helping others improve upon their financial literacy.

Ashish Bhandari Provides Money Management Tips to Improve Your Personal Finances

One of the most asked questions that Ashish Bhandari of Dubai gets as a financial expert is how people can utilize money management tips to streamline handling their finances. Handling personal finances may not have all the complexities inherent to money management for industry, but Ashish recognizes that the task can still be daunting for several reasons. Here, Ashish Bhandari of Dubai provides a few quick money management tips that can help almost anyone reflect on their needs and create a better financial plan for their situation.

Track Your Spending

One of the benefits of all the personal banking apps that we have access to is the present is that they can help us keep a closer eye on our finances. Tracking your spending is a great way to take control and improve your personal finances because it can be very difficult to address your spending habits if you have no record of what and where you are spending each month. By using your favorite money management app, you can get a clear picture of your spending habits. This is excellent for when you create your budget, as it will help you isolate what you spend on each aspect of your life per month. It may also reveal any of your spending habits that have room for improvement if you wish to tighten up your budget to have more funds available for your general needs.

List Your Financial Goals

Taking- and staying- in control of your financial situation is tough if you do not know what you are building towards. If you want to stay motivated on your financial path, consider creating a list that details your short term and long-term financial goals clearly. Say you want to buy property, take a vacation with your family, or make improvements to your current residence- each long-term goal is made much more attainable by making a clear course of action to reach it. After highlighting your financial goals, the process of organizing them is equally important. Some goals such as getting out of debt, getting a place to live, or planning a wedding may be more of a hurry than others. By organizing your goals by priority, you can begin planning to knock each off your list through your financial plan.

Create a Budget

Ashish Bandari and other financial experts know that the best way to ensure that you keep up with something like budgeting is to make it as simple and streamlined for your as possible. For this reason, he is a huge proponent of establishing a usable budget that takes all the cost-creating factors of your lifestyle into account. You will want your budget to account for housing, food, savings, and paying off any debts that you may have. You will also want to ensure that your budget has a place for entertainment, as many people forget to add their hobbies and other interests into their workable budget. After creating a budget comes the most difficult part- sticking to it. Luckily, a budget does not need to be set in stone if it is not actually helpful at keeping you on track for your financial goals. If your budget does not seem to be moving you in the right direction or does not properly account for your monthly expenses, review it and make any changes you need to be successful.

Future Topics

Considering the financial ups and downs that many individuals have faced over the course of the COVID pandemic, Ashish Bhandari realizes that- now more than ever- people want to grow their understanding of and control over their finances. Still, even though there are resources available that can assist, many of them are not created to be understood by individuals that do not have a background in finances.

Ashish Bhandari wants to help individuals that want to learn more by providing consistent updates on multiple topics within the financial sector. Future posts will include updates such as tips for budgeting, saving, and growing one’s wealth. Ashish Bhandari of Dubai also recognizes that many individuals want to closely follow the economic situation as companies around the world begin expanding, and Ashish will also provide updates that break down what these developments will mean for the rest of us. If you are interested in financial insights from a successful financial company owner and investment advisor, check back for more updates from Ashish Bhandari!